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Our core values

Every good organization has a solid, core foundation from which to grow and serve.  Here is ours.

Dr. Brandy Ramaj Jewett performing dry needling treatment for a patient's plantar fasciitis.
Julia Smith, family health provider, catching up with one of her patients at Tienda Mi Rancho.


We exist to serve others first. We ensure our services are aligned with the most recent evidence-supported practices. We are proud of the care we provide to the community.



We do what we say we're going to do. It is that simple.



We are honest. We are genuine; and we do the right thing because it is the right thing. You can count on that!



Regardless of who you are, we are sensitive to your unique needs & wants and we tailor our care to better serve you. Everyone deserves access to quailty healthcare that they understand.



Everyone has different wants, values, needs, and backgrounds. We see you, we meet you where you are, and we accept you.



We are a team that seeks to align with other teams and individuals to serve our mission of improving quality of life. Whether this be partnering with local healthcare initiatives, business, or our individual patients, we place high value on working together to better serve.

Team JSOH at our monthly Mobile Medical Clinic at Tienda Mi Rancho
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